Agendas and Minutes for 2014

The monthly meetings for Ringwoud with Kingsdown Parish Council all take place on the 2nd Monday of the month (bar April which is the first Monday) at 7.30pm.

Monday 13 January KVH  Minutes

Monday 10 February LOC Minutes

Monday 10 March KVH  Minutes

Monday 7 April LOC  Minutes

Monday 12 May KVH  Minutes

Monday 9 June LOC  Minutes   Neighbourhood PLan/ Village Plan Statement

Monday 14 July KVH  Minutes

Monday 8 September LOC Minutes

Monday 13 October KVH Minutes

Monday 10 November LOC   Minutes

Monday 15 December KVH  Minutes  (draft until approved at the next meeting)


Finance meeting 9 January    Minutes

Finance May 14 meeting   Minutes

Finance meeting August 2014  Minutes 

Finance Meeting 20 November 2014 Minutes (draft until approved at the next meeting)

Annual Parish Council Meeting  Minutes draft until approved at next APCM