Agendas and Minutes for 2014

The monthly meetings for Ringwoud with Kingsdown Parish Council all take place on the 2nd Monday of the month (bar April which is the first Monday) at 7.30pm. Monday 13 January KVH  Minutes Monday 10 February LOC Minutes Monday 10 March KVH  Minutes Monday 7 April LOC  Minutes Monday 12 May KVH  Minutes Monday 9 June […]

Agendas and Minutes for 2013

Please see below for next years Parish Council Meeting Dates which will all take place on Monday night, 7.30pm: January 14 at LOC (Learning Opportunities Centre)    Minutes February 11 at KVH (Kingsdown Village Hall)       Minutes  March 11  at LOC    Minutes April 8 at KVH   Minutes May 13 at LOC Also Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes  Annual Parish Council […]

Minutes and Agendas 2012

2012 Meetings, All start at 7.30pm other than as marked Monday January 9th – Learning Opportunities Centre Ringwould   Monday 13th February – Kingsdown Village Hall Monday 12th March – Learning Opportunities Centre Ringwould   Monday 16th April – Learning Opportunities Centre **  prior meeting at 6pm of  Annual Parish Meeting Monday 14th May – Kingsdown […]

Meeting agendas and minutes 2011

Agenda January 11 Minutes January 11 Agenda February 2011 Finance Meeting Feb 2011  Minutes Minutes February 2011 Agenda March   Minutes March 2011 Agenda Annual Parish Meeting April 2011  Minutes Annual Parish Meeting Agenda April PC  Minutes April PC Annual Meeting of the Parish Council May 2011 Minutes May Parish Council Agenda June Parish Council    Minutes […]

Agendas and Minutes 2010

January 2010 Agenda Minutes January 2010 February 2010 Agenda Minutes February 2010 March 2010 Agenda March 2010 Minutes Annual Parish Meeting  Annual Parish Meeting Notes April Agenda April 2010 minutes  Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda 2010 May 2010 Agenda Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2010 Minutes May 2010 PC Meeting Agenda June 2010 PC […]

2009 Minutes

  All minutes are in draft form only, until approved by the council at their next full meeting. January 2009 Agenda January 2009 Minutes February 2009 Agenda February 2009 Minutes March 2009 Agenda March 2009 Minutes April 2009 Agenda April 2009 Minutes May 2009 Agenda May 2009 Annual Parish Council Meeting agenda May 2009 Annual […]

2008 Minutes

January 2008 minutes February 2008 minutes March Agenda March 2008 Minutes April 2008 Agenda April 2008 Minutes May 2008 Agenda May 2008 Minutes May 2008 Annual Council Meeting Minutes June Agenda June 2008 Minutes July 2008 Agenda July 2008 Minutes Fincance committee meeting minutes Aug 2008 September 2008 Minutes October 2008 Minutes November 2008 Agenda […]