Autumn Beach Clean – Thank You!

Autumn Beach Clean – Thank you!

A great day for a clean up!

Our thanks to all volunteers who took part in our Autumn Beach, this community event was another great success.

Some lovely weather brought out 58 volunteers including many under 10 year olds for our Autumn Beach Clean.   Many bags were filled between 10.30 to 12.30 and collected by Dover District Council the following day.   In addition a fair amount of fishing litter that had been washed ashore.  Nylon or plastic fishing litter is sometimes called ‘ghost gear’ because it doesn’t biodegrade and continues killing marine wildlife long after it is discarded.

In support of Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) hard recyclable plastic was sorted from the collected rubbish and placed into a blue top bin, as part of the rubbish collection.  SAS have a campaign to recycle plastic bottles from beaches and the sea because of how fatal it can be for marine wildlife.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers.  Our next parish council beach clean will be in April 2018.