Our Parish Councillors

In addition to attending the full council meeting held on the second Monday of each month, each councillor brings his / her own special expertise to various sub-committees and working parties of their choice.

David Bucknell
St Andrews, Bay View Road, Kingsdown, CT14 8EG
07803 612059  email: davidrwk@aol.com

Phil Zammit
Romny Coddy, Kingsdown Hill, Kingsdown, CT14 8EA
email: pzammit.rkpc@gmail.com

 Ian Miller

The Mushroom, Queensdown Road, Kingsdown, Deal, Kent CT14 8EF


 Doreen Clark (Chair)

Popinjay, Balmoral Road, Kingsdown, Deal, Kent, CT14 8DB


 Mariya Deschamps

Summer House, Kingsdown Hill, Kingsdown, Deal, Kent, CT14 8EA

awaiting email

 Richard Siddans

90 Balmoral Road, Kingsdown, Deal, Kent CT14 8BY


 Sarah Wilson

16 Queens Rise, Ringwould, Deal, Kent, CT14 8HJ