Our Parish Councillors

In addition to attending the full council meeting held on the second Monday of each month, each councillor brings his / her own special expertise to various sub-committees and working parties of their choice.

Ron Broadley: (Vice Chair) Ex Officio for all Committees, Chair of Planning Committee, Member of Finance & Administration Committee, Lead Councillor for Highways and Footpaths Working Party, Member of Zetland Terrance Working Party
31 Balmoral Rd Kingsdown, CT14 8BX 01304 371568  email: ronbroadley@btconnect.com

David Bucknell: Lead Councillor for Allotments and Hangman’s Lane, Kingsdown Public Toilets, and Zetland Terrace Working Party
St Andrews, Bay View Road, Kingsdown, CT14 8EG
07803 612059  email: davidrwk@aol.com

Graeme Endacott
The Courtyard, Upper Street, Kingsdown CT14 8DR
07711 497271 email : endacottkwrpc@hotmail.com

Carol Fowler: (Chair): Ex Officio for all Committees, Chair of Finance & Administration Committee, Lead Councillor for Kingsdown Play Park Working Party, Lead Councillor for Communications. 
Caswell, Upper Street, Kingsdown, CT14 8DR
01304 361826  email: carolcaf13@btinternet.com

Helen Williams: Member of Finance & Administration Committee, Member of Environment and Amenities Working Party, Lead Councillor for Freedown Woods, Recreation ground and play area inspections, Parish Tree Maintenance and Kingsdown Beach Clean
The Old Lifeboat House, Wellington Parade, Kingsdown, CT14 8AF
01304 373602  email: hmjwilliams@hotmail.co.uk

Phil Zammit: Member of Planning Committee, Member of Kingsdown Play Park Working Party
Romny Coddy, Kingsdown Hill, Kingsdown, CT14 8EA
email: pzammit.rkpc@gmail.com

Elizabeth Zdziebko
Old Barn, Front Street, Ringwould CT14 8HP
01304 367585 email : elizabethzsziebko@btinternet.com