Parish Footpaths

It may come as a surprise to some of you if we were to tell you that there are some 8.5 kilometres of public footpaths throughout our Parish!

We are blessed with a lovely network of footpaths throughout a variety of landscapes. To view a map press footpaths. Some walks to try can be found on the Explore Kent website.

Kent County Council (KCC) were only responsible for maintaining a small percentage of these footpaths. Over recent years, with financial cuts to KCC unfortunately footpaths and public rights of way have become far less of a priority. As a result of this low maintenance schedule the Parish Council decided to take over the maintenance of all of the footpaths in our Parish.

In January 2017 the Parish Council met with Kent County Council (KCC) Rights of Way to review the exact position of Footpath ER292 situated near the beach in Kingsdown.  To view the report please press ER292.

KCC were consulted to review the maintenance of the footpaths and we further requested a subsidy for any future maintenance towards a regular maintenance contract.  KCC agreed to our initiative as of April 2016.  The Parish Council receives a small grant as subsidy towards keeping our footpaths cut, clear and fully open, the rest of the expenditure is met by the Parish Council annual budget.  

Each year a specification is produced and a contract warded in accordance with the procurement strategy.    

The Parish Council have decided that the most used footpaths will be cut on three occasions per year with the first cut commencing in April, the second cut will be during June and the final cut will be in August. Each maintenance schedule of the footpaths will take no longer than two weeks so your patience and understanding is much appreciated in these periods.

Our extensive and varied network of footpaths are for all of us to enjoy, and we would like to remind everyone to clear up their dog waste and bin their litter so they may be an enjoyable experience for us all. 

If you do come across any issues throughout the footpath network, please submit to the ParishClerk at or call 01304 729081, so problems can be resolved as soon as possible.